What You Need for Your Lawn in Texas

Lawn care in Texas is no easy feat, with blistering heat in the summer and unpredictable patterns in the weather year-round. With these types of challenges ahead, how can you make your lawn thrive in this environment? Let’s start with the basis: grass. Here are a few common characteristics to look for when choosing your type of grass:

Heat Resistance

A vast majority of Texas faces extreme, triple-digit heat during the summer, making it tough for grass to not get dry and stay alive. Grass that can withstand sunlight almost all day and retain water for longer is a must for most Texas lawns.

Drought Proof

Throughout recent years, Texas has faced prolonged periods of heat with little to no water. To keep grass looking alive and colorful, you’ll need deep-rooted grass that can withstand extended periods of heat without rainfall.


If you and your family use your backyard frequently throughout the year for activities, you’re going to need grass that can withstand the typical abuse from your backyard parties and family time.

Keeping these features in mind, here are some good options to choose from for your Texas lawn:

  • Bermuda

  • St. Augustine

  • Zoysia

While Texas weather can be brutal, there are many solutions to keep your lawn looking clean and flourish through all the seasons with minimal maintenance.

For further questions or suggestions, ask us about our recommendations for your lawn specifically!